Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shopping at Lazada Philippines 2014

I don't own the logo. Copyrights to Lazada.com
I don't own the logo. Copyrights to Lazada.com
Total Rating:  ★★★☆☆
(5 being the highest & 1 the lowest)
★★★★☆ Product
★★★★★ Payment Method
★★★☆☆ Delivery Service (including working days)
★☆☆☆☆ Customer Service
What you see is what you get. Accurate image :D *cheers*
Reminders!! Always check the item if damaged or defective.
Payment Method:
COD - Cash On Delivery
No problem with this service, trustworthy
Delivery Service:
Fair, because it took them 5/6 days for me to receive the item.
Needed to check the website for their update, no exact day for receiving the item.
Need an *Authorization  Letter* if you are not sure you would be at the given address on the day of the delivery.
Lazada DID NOT notify me 24 hours before, NOTIFIED me an hour before the LEX representative arrives with the item and it sucks :| if you are already out hanging out then you would have to go back just to receive the item.
Customer Service:
They suck. Sorry for rating Lazada CX Service with 1. My concern was answered which can be found at the SITE. So wth? Why should I bother calling if you would just tell me your product is bla bla bla the same sentence that I've received from their email.
Had to return the item because the first one was defective and the other one was damaged.  Contacted Lazada CX Service and asked what was the return status of my order. I was pointing out, asking, if what kind of process my item is in during that time. What the representative just said "Your item(s) is being processed at our warehouse and will be ready for shipment within today.".
So don't bother calling and waiting to be entertained,  worthless I tell  you, not worth of your time.

I returned the defective and damaged item within the day after I tested then  looked for damages. So I returned the item, sent it via LBC which is free of charge. And took 2  days before they sent me an email of receiving the item. GRRR :'(
One more thing!!  VOUCHERS
They always give awesome vouchers, don't hesitate to use if your order is 2,000+ free delivery ;)

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